by Reggiani

Fixed trimless or trimmed downlight in 4 body sizes, providing direct and diffuse light, with recessed, flush or exposed mounting diffuser

The Trybeca Square downlight by Reggiani, comprises of a recessed aluminium housing in 4 sizes, with the option of trimmed or trimless mounting body housing. Trybeca square has a polycarbonate diffuser that can be mounted in 3 positions, recessed, flush or exposed below the ceiling line, and is supplied with a dedicated LED light source, and offers a choice of colour temperatures, outputs, body sizes and CRI options.

TYPE: Ceiling recessed housing, trim or trimless mounting, adjustable

Light Source: 3W/6W/8W/12W/13W/24W/34W or 35W dedicated LED, non-replaceable, wattage dependent on body size

Colour Temperature/CRI: (NN) 4000K, CRI>80
(WW) 3000K, CRI>80
(HQ) 3000K, CRI>90
(HW)2700K, CRI>90

Optic: Opalised polycarbonate diffuser incorporating LED light source, supplied with 3 spacers for adjustable positioning of diffuser

Body: Die cast aluminium recessed housing, powder coat finish, polycarbonate optic with aluminium support, plaster-in frame for trimless mounting, or flanged housing for trimmed mounting

Finish: (.12) Matt White, (.31) Matt Black

Lumen Package: 3W: 38x38mm body
NN 375 lm, WW 350 lm, HQ 310 lm, HW 266 lm
6W: 75x75mm body
NN 700 lm, WW 650 lm, HQ 570 lm, HW 450 lm
8W: 75x75mm body
NN 975 lm, WW 880 lm, HQ 765 lm, HW 637 lm
13W: 75x75mm body
Warm Dim, 2000-3000K, 105 – 1000 lm
12W: 150x150mm body
NN 1460 lm, WW 1320 lm, HQ 1155 lm, HW 971 lm
24W: 150x150mm body
NN 2565 lm, WW 1320 lm, HQ 2030 lm, HW 1637 lm
34W: 150x150mm body
Warm Dim, 2000-3000K, 155 – 2860 lm
35W: 300x300mm body
NN 4161 lm, WW 3908 lm, HQ 3651 lm, HW 3419 lm

SDCM/L 70 B10: < 3/ 50,000 hours
Bezel: Trimless:
38: 94x94mm, 75: 145x145mm, 150: 220x220mm,
300: 375x375mm
38: 57x57mm, 75: 85x85mm, 150: 170x170mm, 300: 330x330mm

Cut Out: 38: 47x47mm, 75: 85x85mm, 150: 161x161mm, 300: 315x315mm
Height:38: 93mm, 75: 138mm, 150: 116mm, 300: 110mm
IP: 44
Weight:38: 0.23Kg, 75: 0.45Kg, 150: 1.14Kg, 300: 2.25Kg
Adjustability: 3 Step Diffuser positioning, recessed, flush or dropped
Driver: Requires remote driver
Photometry: For full photometry please contact your local Euroluce Office

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