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A bold advance in lighting technology suitable for 3-circuit standard track that features a new invisible adapter and driver that make it a unique projector range for design, performance and scale of sizes. Single and patented (pending) cluster configuration.

New ranges of optics: Precision for high candela values and super narrow beams, Performance for high lumen output and efficacy. Designed with regressed light source for comfort light effect. Wide range of accessories and finishes.

The new generation of YORI takes advantage of the well-known and endless minimal design of the Yori projector launched in 2012 to proceed and do a big step ahead. The new range EVO works on 3-circuit standard track, Ghostrack 3-circuit track (recessed trimless) and 48V tracks and present the standard Yori with the driver box with a brand-new version without it. This new range will be the GHOSTRACK series that features a brand new invisible adapter and driver designed and engineered by Reggiani R&D. This latest version took in consideration all the requirements of clients, designers and projects over the last 4 years to develop a new, flexible and cutting-edge technology for track projectors.

The new YORI EVO Ghostrack will be the unique product to go up to certain performance in such small sizes and minimal design on a standard track, in addition to the size and power vast selection, the new YORI will give the opportunity to have new patented cluster configuration, with limited impact on the architecture and installation and saving for space and power consumption. The new invisible driver is up to 35W and can work with up to 4 standard projectors or 15 mini spots. In addition to the very new aspect of the product (the invisible track adapter and driver), the YORI EVO GHOSTRACK gives the opportunity to select between 2 types of brand new optics, specific for different requirements in terms of effect, performance and consumption.

The new YORI features PRECISION lenses and TIR for super narrow, narrow and medium beams with high candela values up to 64.000 (for the 95mm version), no field angle and precise light distributions. At the same time YORI EVO will offer PERFORMANCE aluminium reflectors for narrow, medium and wide beam angles with high lumen output and efficacy values up to 118 lm/w for spread beams and smooth distributions. The design of the projectors counts the anti-glare internal holder that makes YORI projectors that ensure visual comfort and no glaring effects. The YORI EVO GHOSTRACK offers in addition a new set of finishes and a comprehensive range of accessories that make this series a complete, flexible and inspiring family of projectors, unique on the market for features and scale. YORI EVO is also available in the standard version with driver box for 43, 60, 75 and 95mm. It stills features the excellent LED and Optics of YORI EVO GHOSTRACK and can mount flexible control options solutions from DALI to Dimmer on Board to DALI & Bluetooth all in the box.

Yori Evo Ghostrack features:

• Range of projectors for 3-cricuit standard track, 48V System (mini versions) and Ghostrack 3 circuit track (recessed trimless)
• Invisible patented adapter for 3-cricuit standard track
• Invisible patented driver up to 35W for 3-cricuit standard track
• Various diameters: 22mm, 35mm, 43mm, 60mm, 75mm, 95mm
• Recessed light source & Minimal design and cylinder shape
• Finishes: embossed matt black, embossed matt white, matt black, matt white, brushed aluminium, brushed copper, brushed brass, brushed gold, brushed antiqued bronze, chrome plated
• Internal anti-glare ring with holder for accessories: wall washer visor, diffusive lens, spread lens, cross louver, honeycomb, holder for coloured and selective filters
• 2 types of optics: Precision (lenses, TIR and hybrid reflectors) and Performance (aluminium reflectors)
• Power wattages from 2W to 32,5W
• LED 2700K, 3000K, 4000K / CRI 80, 90, 98
• Lumen delivered packages from 150 to 4000lm
• Lm/W up to 118 lm/W (Performance)
• Intensity peak up to 64.000 cd (Precision, narrow beam)
• Also available version with LED Warm Dimming da 2000 a 3000K / CRI95
• Also available version with phosphor LED 2700K, 3000K, 4000K / CRI 95

Ghostrack driver features:

• Invisible and minimal installation on 3-circuit standard track thanks to the brand new patented (pending) driver (and adapter).
• On/Off and DALI
• Single projector installation
• Cluster projector installation between driver and spotlights with female/male electrical and mechanical connectors
• Simples modules available as accessories in different length to space the projectors in the cluster configuration
• Maximum power of the Ghostrack driver: 35W
• Ghostrack able to feed up to 4 projectors depending on the size and power selected (i.e. 3x Yori Evo 60mm 10W, 4x Yori Evo 43mm 8,6W, 15 x Yori Evo 22mm 2W)

Related family

• Yori Evo (with driver box)


• 95mm (updated)
• 75mm (NEW)
• 60mm (updated)
• 43mm (NEW)
• 35mm (NEW)
• 22mm (NEW)

• 95mm: 37W (only for YORI EVO with driver box)- 32,5W – 25W -17,5W
• 75mm: 28W – 24W – 17W – 12W
• 60mm: 17,5W – 12W – 10W – 7,6W
• 43mm: 8,6W – 4W
• 35mm (NEW)
• 22mm (NEW)

Optics e light distributions:

• Precision: TIR lenses and hybrid reflectors
• Super narrow, narrow and medium beams from 8° to 25°
• High intensity peak up to 64.000 cd
• Low glare with no field angle
• Performance: Aluminium reflectors
• Narrow, medium and wide beams from 13° to 40°
• High lumen output up to 4000lm
• High Efficacy up to 118 lm/w




• Wall Washer Visor
• Diffusive Lens
• Spread Lens
• Cross Louver
• Honeycomb
• Holder for colored And Selective Filters

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