REGGIANI launches a new linear system, TRACELINE





Traceline reinvents linear lighting with the most flexible range ever created

With the aim of proposing new solutions for the lighting of architectural spaces, including smart offices, circulation spaces, residential, hospitality and commercial spaces, Reggiani together with Arup have designed Traceline, a new family of linear products for interior lighting.

Traceline aims to rethink linear light using the latest technologies to allow maximum flexibility of use, thanks to an exceptional variety of optical options and unique performances.

The Traceline product family can be integrated in various architectural contexts thanks to the range of recessed, super recessed, surface and suspension solutions with direct and indirect light.

“We wanted Traceline to be a comprehensive kit of linear lighting products to promote visual integration, high performance light and technical excellence. The first phase of Traceline it’s a range of continuous light lines. They provide graphic direction to a space and can illuminate the horizontal floor and ceiling planes. The continuous deep recessed fitting is an absolutely stunning innovation, creating a continuous illuminated, thin channel in the ceiling.” says Stephen Philips, Global Product Design Leader at Arup.

Traceline comes with 6 different diffusers: Opal and Black Opal for soft and diffuse lighting; Microprismatic, for more visual comfort; Dark Performance UGR<14 and Dark Grid UGR<16 to reduce glare; PMMA 48° Lens, for a general illumination, and PMMA 11° Lens for grazing lighting.

Traceline is available in single modules or in a continuous line configuration and, thanks to the corner modules and the structural module system, allows different configurations to meet the different needs and layout of any space.

Thanks to the integration with the Yori Evo Ghostrack family of projectors, Traceline allows the use of wireless solutions with Tunable white and indirect light combined with unique accent solutions.

“This represents the first phase of Traceline. We are now working on exciting developments for phase 2, the illumination of vertical architectural planes.” concludes Stephen Philips, Global Product Design Leader at Arup.


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