by Piero Lissoni

Outdoor wall light providing direct only, or direct/indirect light

The Climber outdoor wall light, designed by Piero Lissoni for FLOS, comprises of an IP65 aluminium die-cast body, with an external UV paint finish, and contains either a direct only, or direct/indirect symmetric optics, and dedicated power LED light sources. Climber offers a choice of 3 body sizes, a narrow or wide optic, different surface finishes and 3 different colour temperatures. An LED driver is incorporated into the body housing.

TYPE: Outdoor wall light
Light Source: 7W, 12W, 21W or 40W dedicated Power LED, non-replaceable
Colour Temperature/CRI: 2700K CRI80, 3000K CRI80, 4000K CRI80
Optic: Direct: 10˚, 70˚ Direct/Indirect: 2×10˚, 2×70˚
Body: Die-cast aluminium housing, UV stable exterior paint finish, micro textured glass sealed diffusers. Integral driver.

Finish: White, Grey, Anthracite, Black, Deep Brown

Lumen Package: 7W Small D: 2.7K 432 lm, 3K 468 lm, 4K 504 lm
12W Small D/I: 2.7K 2×432 lm, 3K 2×468 lm, 4K 2×504 lm
12W Medium D: 2.7K 864 lm, 3K 936 lm, 4K 1008 lm
21W Medium D/I: 2.7K 2×864 lm, 3K 2×936 lm, 4K 2×1008 lm
21W Large D: 2.7K 1728 lm, 3K 1872 lm, 4K 2016 lm
40W Large D/I: 2.7K 2×1728 lm, 3K 2×1872 lm, 4K 2×2016 lm

SDCM/L 70 B10: < 3/ 50,000 hours
Bezel Size (HxWxD): Small: 175x87x71mm weight: D: 1.17Kg D/I: 1.25Kg
Medium: 175x175x71mm weight: D: 2.13Kg D/I: 2.20Kg
Large: 175x275x71mm weight: D: 3.11Kg D/I: 3.25Kg

IP: 65
IK:Small: IK05, Medium: IK04, Large: IK05
Adjustability: Fixed
Driver: Integral driver
Photometry: For full photometry please contact your local Euroluce Office

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