by Michael Anastassiades, 2018

Arrangements is a modular system of geometric light elements that can be combined in different ways, creating multiple compositions into individual chandeliers. Each unit simply attaches to the previous one as if resting, balancing perfectly as a part of a glowing chain. Choose any combination with the caveat that there can only be one ‘line’ or ‘broken line’ that must go at the bottom.

Available with three types of ceiling rose – MUST BE SELECTED SEPARATELY

  • Surface mounted, large (190W max load)
  • Surface mounted, small (70W max load)
  • Recessed (190W max load).

Inspiration Behind The Design
“I have always been fascinated with the parallel that exists between Lighting and Jewellery. Starting from the simple fact of how each piece relates to human scale: one is designed to be worn on the body whereas the other is made to decorate the space someone occupies. I’m challenged in how the delicate nature of something small can be translated spatially and still manages to retain its preciousness in the way materials are presented. It is no coincidence that the word “pendant” has a double meaning. Existing both as a piece of jewellery that hangs from a chain worn around the neck, and a light designed to hang from the ceiling.” – Michael Anastassiades

Use the FLOS Arrangements configurator to make your own configuration here.


Ceiling Rose Options


Switching & Dimmer: Yes
Charger In: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Charger Out: DC 48V
Voltage: 100-240V
Colour Temperature: 2700K
CRI 90
Insulation Class: III
Protection Level: IP20, Indoor use only
Light Distribution: Symmetric
Cable Length: 2500mm (98.4″)
Cable Colour: Black

Drop Up
Weight 0.65kg (1.4lb)
Length 697mm (27.4″)
Width 495mm (19.5″)
32W – 1530lm – 2700K – CRI 90

Drop Down
Weight 0.65kg (1.4lb)
Length 697mm (27.4″)
Width 495mm (19.5″)
32W – 1530lm – 2700K – CRI 90

Square Large
Weight 0.67kg (1.5lb)
Length 688mm (27″)
Width 688mm (27″)
34W – 1657lm – 2700K – CRI 90

Square Small
Weight 0.4kg (0.8lb)
Length 395mm (15.5″)
Width 395mm (15.5″)
20W – 883lm – 2700K – CRI 90

Round Large
Weight 1.2kg (2.6lb)
Diameter 1020mm (40.16″)
54W – 2751lm – 2700K – CRI 90

Round Medium
Weight 0.75kg (1.7lb)
Diameter 665mm (26.18″)
35W – 1770lm – 2700K – CRI 90

Round Small
Weight 0.41kg (0.9lb)
Diameter 398mm (15.7″)
21W – 1068lm – 2700K – CRI 90

Weight 0.6kg (1.3lb)
Length 1706mm (67.16″)
29W – 1480lm – 2700K – CRI 90
NB: End module only

Broken Line
Weight 0.5kg (1.1lb)
Height 502mm (19.76″)
Width 1020mm (40.15″)
29W – 1200lm – 2700K – CRI 90
NB: End module only

Suspended Pendant

Extruded Aluminium, Polycarbonate & Silicone

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