by Patricia Urquiola, 2022

The inspiration for Almendra can immediately be seen in its silhouette, a perfect combination of geometric rigour and curves drawn from the world of plants. Its connection with nature, however, is not strictly formal. On the contrary, it underlies a careful design to minimise environmental impact.

The opaque and transparent faces of the petals are made of a special polycarbonate deriving from a by-product of paper production rather than petroleum. This sustainable plastic material is based on renewable natural resources but does not unnecessarily consume land and water as a result of dedicated cultivation.

Suspension lamp with diffused light emission available in linear and organic compositions. Tubular structure made of aluminium and CNC aluminium terminals with a matte or metallized finish. Edge Lighting technology integrated. Light units can be turned by steps of 60º within the structure to change the direction of the light emitted. Metal rosette with matte white finish.  The integrated electronics in the ceiling rose allow the use of different dimming systems: 1-10V, DALI, push-dim or potentiometer. The product has been designed according to the ISCC standards and it is assembled with a total absence of glued components so that it can be completely separated for future recyclability.

A small open shell: natural and mechanical at the same time
Almendra in Spanish means almond. In Urquiola’s vision, the perfect organism embodies the union between nature and mechanics: a seed container, a presence with a simple shape that is however the custodian of a source of precious energy, the fruit. Which it lets out gently while opening up.



An exclusive piece of design by Patricia Urquiola, born from an ambitious project in terms of design and sustainability.
Almendra is a modular, and customizable, suspended lighting system providing diffused light emission, available in linear and organic leaf-like compositions. Designed to provide a functional, efficient, yet gentle and soft light with a highly comfortable emission, “like the one that caresses the leaves of a tree outside the window of one’s home.”

  • Each lighting unit contains an integrated Edge Lighting technology and can rotate up to a 60º angle to change the direction of the light emitted.
  • The product has been designed according to the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) standards. It is assembled without glued components so that it can be completely separated for easy recycling.
  • The curved module can be set to obtain multiple configurations with 2 or 3 lights in 2 lengths options, which can be positioned downwards or upwards.


Switch & Dimming: Yes
Voltage: 240V
Colour Temperature: 2700K
CRI 95
Insulation Class: III
Protection Level: IP20
Light Distribution: Asymmetric

Weight 5.85kg (12.9lb)
Length 1306mm (51.4″)
Width 323mm (12.7″)
Height 181mm (7.1″)
30W – 2800lm – 2700k – CRI95

Weight 6.45kg (14.2lb)
Length 1152mm (45.4″)
Width 323mm (12.7″)
Height 189mm (7.4″)
30W – 2800lm – 2700k – CRI95

Suspended Pendant

Sustainable Polycarbonate & Aluminum

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