An insight into what is new and upcoming in 2020, with fresh colours to populars ranges and new editions from our exclusive brands including Flos, Oluce, Wästberg & Tala. We will keep you up to date with everything new and exciting in the lighting world. All products are available to order or pre-order now. 


New Colour

Yellow & Blue Grey

Designed by E. Barber & J. Osgerby

Bellhop introduced in two new colors: Grey Blue and Yellow to give a fresh touch and bring warm light into modern interiors. Portable and elegant, Bellhop functions like a modern day candle by providing a soft atmospheric pool of light. The beloved, cordless tabletop can be carried around anywhere, bringing light where it is needed the most.


Blue Grey


  • The portable lamp with a touch of English design and style is now available in two new colours selected by designers B&O
  • It’s a perfect gift for all occasions, with outstanding design, affordable price, cool packaging, portable use
  • It is the right product to softly light the dining table
  • Now available in 6 colours and remains charged up to 24 hours.
Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 11.18.13 am


New Colour


Designed by Jasper Morrison

A new edition to the Glo-Ball Family, a black version to the range.

The Glo-Ball Series was created in 1998 by artist Jasper Morrison to invoke the radiant calm of a full moon. This contemporary floor lamp fits naturally into any design aesthetic, emitting a warm, diffused light that is ideal as a subtle up-lighter. It features a hand-blown, etched white opaline glass diffuser that is supported by a matte silver or new edition black stem and base.

Made from high-quality glass and steel, this opal-finish contemporary floor lamp is ideal for variety of residential or commercial settings.

Inspired by the soft and serene glow of a full moon in a clear sky, Jasper Morrison created the Glo-Ball series to illuminate the otherworldly magic of the night.


  • The epic Jasper Morrison’s Glo-ball family in a new black finish
  • The black version of Glo-Ball is more contemporary and suitable to suit different environments
  • It’s a series which is able to cover a lot of applications while keeping the same aesthetics and lighting mood
  • The black version of Glo-Ball is a new trend, bringing a stronger character compared to the original finish


New Colours

Blue & Green

Designed by E. Barber & J. Osgerby

Tab lamp is a simple folded form, creating a visually pure shade that translates into a desk and floor lamp. The simplicity of the form contrasts with the technical characteristics of the ceramic reflector, which gives a pure and controllable light.


• The new colors of Tab enrich the product family with two very cool nuances of green and blue

• This Tab lamp is perfect for home or desks and makes the environment more comfortable and cosier

• A very flexible lamp that can be applied to various rooms and application at home


New Colours

Gold 22K & Black Nickel

Designed by Tobia Scarpa

Resembling a shirt cuff, the contemporary Foglio wall lamp from design master Tobia Scarpa is a mixture of timeless and contemporary design. The lamp’s body is formed by power-painted pressed steel. The two lamp supports are injection-molded white nylon. The Foglio emits indirect light. It is HPF electronic ballast standard.

Inspiration behind the design: Sometimes inspiration comes from the things we see everyday. For Tobia Scarpa, that meant his shirt’s cuffs—which helped inspire the Foglio’s unique design.




  • The new material finishings are Gold 22K and Black Nickel
  • The Gold finishing is really made of Gold 22K, granting a very sophisticated image and donating depth to the lamp


New - Outdoor

Designed by Nendo

Heco was born out of a simple idea, bringing comfortable lighting into outdoor landscapes with a unique brand new concept. The result is a complete series of elements that can either include functional solutions or purely decorative ones.

A thin lightweight structure  holds a small opal glass sphere that evenly distributes  lighting in all the space surrounding. A simple, iconic illusion.


  • Table versions are extremely compact but at the same time highly functional
  • Light is close to the table top in order to gently illuminate whatever object is placed on top of it
  • A pure sphere trapped between the metal structure and the wall creates a magic illusion in the space
  • Corner versions make the most out of any space thanks to their exclusive shape
  • Uniform diffused emission, the sphere glows at night as if it had just landed onto the structure. Heco combines an extreme simplicity with the highest quality material and state of the art technology
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