Flos at Light+Building Fair 2018, Frankfurt Germany





A monumental stand designed by Vincent Van Duysen hosts a universe of fine architectural lighting novelties.

“The idea springs from the Roman villa, where the rooms in which domestic life unfolded were typically laid out around the central patio. This reinterpretation has been used to display the products in the Flos Architectural collection, which converse with the garden where the Flos Outdoor products are installed, establishing a dialogue between indoor and outdoor.

Another theme is the idea of the secret garden, found in the centre of the stand’s monolithic, brutalist architecture. In this space, the visitor discovers a Garden that is in contrast with the architectural language.” Vincent Van Duysen

Flos Architectural introduces ever more advanced solutions in terms of smart control technologies, presenting both integrated lighting control systems and mobile applications, easily interfaceable with any home automation standard and ensuring compliance with Smart Building requirements. The exclusive FLOS Smart Control®, an application that allows a complete remote control of the luminaires through smartphones and tablets, is now applied to all the most iconic Flos tracking systems, including the recently launched Infra-Structure by Vincent Van Duysen. Each projector can be controlled and programmed in orientation and dimming options, to easily adjust it to any lighting need in any environment.

Among the product novelties, Piero Lissoni unveils for the first time Diversion, a new suspended and articulated structure of linear light modules for a diffuse, uninterrupted lighting effect. The minimum physical size for a surface installed track characterized Zero Track, allowing the insertion of a variety of miniaturized, dimmable lighting fixtures, among which Atom, a round shape or spotlight luminaire for a diffuse or direct light effect.

Thanks to the application of cutting-edge technologies for outdoor use combined with a refined design, Flos Outdoor presents a sophisticated line of products able to create a dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces. The elegant bollard and wall series Bellhop by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby hide themselves in a greenery setting together with the innovative, adjustable projector Landlord and other refined wall lighting fixtures by Piero Lissoni. A new, miniaturized bollard joins the iconic Belvedere family by Antonio Citterio, while the successful Casting series by Vincent Van Duysen finds its natural setting within the sculptural and architectural style of the stand.

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