Yori Surface Base is the natural evolution of the Yori Semi-Recessed range. It is available in a wide range of sizes, from the ø22mm and ø35mm mini sizes to standard ones ø43mm, ø60mm, ø75mm and ø95mm. It is equipped with a surface base with both integrated and remote driver. For metal surfaces (like exposed beams or false ceilings), you can choose the Magnetic version. A minimal accent lighting solution suitable for restaurants, residential spaces, shops and museums.

Technical Specifications

  • Sizes: ø22mm, ø35mm, ø43mm, ø60mm, ø75mm, ø95mm
  • Optics: Precision lens, Performance reflector
  • Control Systems: On/Off, Phase-cut, DALI, Dimm 1-10V and Bluetooth Control Systems (for version with built-in driver): On/Off, Phase-cut
  • Fixing: mechanical, magnetic
  • Power: from 2W to 37W
  • Lumen output: up to 4000lm/W

Yori Surface Base

Yori Surface Base is the natural evolution of the Yori Semi-Recessed range. It is equipped with a surface base with both integrated and remote driver and it's available with On/Off, Phase-cut, Bluetooth, Dali or 1-10V Dimmer controls. The version with integrated driver is available with integrated On/Off and Phase-cut controls, to give you maximum freedom of placement. Lumen package is up to an outstanding 4000lm with efficacy values up to 130 lm/W.

A Complete Range

Yori Surface Base includes versions with integrated or remote driver, in a range of sizes from ø22mm to ø95mm. The Ø35mm and Ø43mm sizes are also available in an enhanced version (PRO: 7.5W, 8W and 10.2W) for higher lumen packages.

Yori Surface Base Magnetic

Yori Surface Base is available also in the Magnetic version in the 22mm, 35mm and 43mm sizes. It is the ideal solution for metal surfaces like false ceilings, recessed compartments, or exposed beams. You can also separately get an accessory metal base to use it on nearby non-metal surfaces.

Precision Lens

  • Interchangeable lenses made of temperature-resistant plastic stabilized up to 140°
  • Super-narrow, narrow, medium beams
  • High candela value up to 50.000 cd with controlled and soft distribution
  • Self-extinguishing (V0 rating)
  • LOR (Light Output Ratio) up to 89%

Performance Reflector

  • Interchangeable reflectors made of 99% pure aluminium, with surface treatment
  • Narrow, medium, medium-wide, wide beams
  • High efficacy up to 118 lm/w with unique performance never seen before
  • Anti-reflective safety glass with high light transmission (99%)
  • LOR (Light Output Ratio) up to 90%

Freedom of movement

Yori Surface Base can rotate completely on the vertical axis (0°-356°) and can be adjusted on the horizontal one up to 90°. A great flexibility of movement that let you design with unique freedom.

Black and white minimalism

Embossed matt white or embossed matt black: it's up to you to choose the perfect finish for your lighting project.

Technical and decorative accessories

Like all Yori System products, Yori Surface Base also offers high flexibility thanks to the wide range of interchangeable accessories. All filter/lens holders have double slots so two accessories can be easily inserted together.


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