Yori Semi-recessed is the complete semi-recessed range of the Yori Evo system. Now, it is also available in the ø22mm and ø35mm mini sizes and in the trimless version for the ø43mm, ø60mm and ø75mm. In addition to the already complete range, we also find Yori Evo Surface ø60mm with a surface base with both integrated and remote driver. Yori Semi-recessed and Yori Evo Surface are an accent lighting solution with a unique design and excellent performance, suitable for restaurants, residential spaces, shops and museums.

Technical Specifications

Yori Semi-Recessed

  • 6 sizes: ø22mm, ø35mm, ø43mm, ø60mm, ø75mm, ø95mm
  • Now also trimless for Ø35mm, ø43mm, ø60mm and ø75mm
  • Precision/Performance optics
  • Lumen packages from 200lm to 4000lm and efficacy up to 120 lm/W


Yori Evo Surface

  • ø60mm
  • Integrated or remote driver
  • Precision/Performance optics
  • On/off and Phase-cut with integrated driver
  • DALI, Dimm 1-10V and Bluetooth with remote driver
  • Lumen output up to 2000lm

The Range is now Complete

The Yori Semi-recessed range is unique on the market. Six sizes, ø22mm, ø35mm, ø43mm, ø60mm, ø75mm and ø95mm that are able to offer lumen packages of 200lm, 600lm, 1200, 2000lm, 3000lm, 4000lm with efficiencies up to 120lm/w. The range now includes trim and trimless versions from ø43mm to ø95mm. Yori Semi-recessed, like the other versions of the Yori Evo range, provide Precision and Performance optics for maximum application flexibility.


Now are the ø 22mm and ø 35mm versions with recessed base. The solutions, with lumen packages from 200lm up to 600lm delivered, despite having very small dimensions, are ideal solutions for retail display and residential applications.

Yori Surface Base

In addition to the recessed range, we have also launched the first dimension of our new surface range. Yori Surface Base is available in our most flexible size and dimensions: 60mm in diameter with lumen output up to 2000lm and Precision/Performance optics. On / off and Phase-cut version with integrated driver. DALI, Dimm 1-10V and Bluetooth version with remote driver.

Accent lighting beyond all limits

Yori Surface Base are the perfect solution for residential and commercial applications where there is no track (low or high voltage) and in environments with reduced space in the false ceiling.

Yori Zoom

In addition to the Evo range, Yori Semi-recessed also includes the new Zoom version, for maximum flexibility in light beam control (10°-57°).

Yori Pro

Yori Semi-recessed features also the brand new Pro versions, with lumen output increased by 100% for the ø35mm and ø43mm sizes.


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