Apure joins Euroluce in Australia/New Zealand





Apure joins Euroluce in Australia/New Zealand

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Apure is a multi-award winning new-age lighting manufacturer specialising in developing truly innovative and state of the art fixtures to compliment interior and exterior designs.

Simplicity in form, their current and emerging patented technologies combine with designs focus on providing light for the senses that is ‘felt before it’s seen’.
Designed by the world-renowned Porsche Design Studio and engineered and manufactured in Germany, Apure’s main objective is to produce lighting solutions that do not interrupt the design language of spaces, but rather become part of the entire design aesthetic.

Since its founding in 2013, Apure has been recognised with prestigious awards including in 2018 Innovation Prize Architecture + Technology, Design Plus Award, 2017 European Product Design Award and 2016 Red Dot Design Award.
Apure is now available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand from Euroluce.

Visit for further information: http://www.apure-system.com/

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