Zucci Hairdressing Salon, Melbourne CBD
Zucci Hairdressing Salon, Melbourne CBD






Zucci Hairdressing Salon, Melbourne CBD



Chris Connell Design / Euroluce



Chris Connell Design



Earl Carter



14 x  Flos Super Flat 1200mm x 20mm Up & Down optics

Flos Fort Knox Wall


The new Zucci hair salon features refined and minimal design and materiality to provide a perfect canvas for the customer and products to be the centre of attention.  

The challenge was to provide 4 wash stations, 14 cutting stations and back of house amenities yet retain a sense of space and volume within an odd plan shape. 

The floor is finished in light grey cement screed, the walls and ceiling in soft white provide the perfect blank canvas for workstations and retail shelving. The shelving is manufactured in mild steel powder coated SHS in a ‘graphite’ textured finish and inlaid glass shelving.

The shelving was further enhanced with LED strip lighting.

Storage is provided behind joinery doors in a 2 pac matt textured ‘pale sky blue’ finish.

The sophisticated yet simple space is further enhanced with the fine skeletal framing of work stations and contrasted against the stark intensive form.

The structural ceiling exposing the slab and services is retained as a reminder of the existing site.

Euroluce LED slim flat system lighting further adds to the vernacular of materiality and form.


Simplicity and minimalism, a soft colour palette against the strong lines of the steel work providing a blank canvas to focus on the main element – Hair.

Honest, fine, delicate and practical – Zucci salon is a commitment to simplicity and detail.   


The innovative aspect is the introduction of supreme minimalism into a salon environment. The play of soft colours and finishes against the dark steel lines provides a refined setting for a sophisticated salon.

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