FLOS SOFT ARCHITECTURE: Softprofile Deco Starck
Product: Architectural
Softprofile Deco Starck
Softprofile Deco Starck

Designer: Philippe Starck



Linear Profile Deco Starck



Recessed Linear Wall Light



Flos Soft Architecture



Soft Architecture composite is comprised of environmentally friendly cradle to cradle materials to create a seamless plaster like substance. Fire resistant, 30% lighter weight than plaster, and does not disintegrate.



LED Modules (White or RBG colour changing)



Soft-Architecture composite can be painted, covered in wall paper or fabrics.



Philippe Starck’s design of the Linear wall profile is reminiscent of his watery patterns used throughout his career, such as for his other Flos light Long + Hard. This water ripple effect is available in hand coated in Silver leaf or Gold leaf, adding another dimension to the shimmering effect. It also comes in the standard finish which can be coated or painted as desired. The use of White or Coloured LEDs offers even more flexibility and options for creating the exact results wanted for your interior.

The Linear Profile is a perfect solution for those who want the lighting to be integrated and hidden within the fabric of the interior. The linear profile provides illumination to any space, and is a design feature seamlessly carved in to the wall. Of course the profile can be mounted vertically, horizontally or on an angle. And because it has a shallow profile it’s easy to fit in to all plaster board walls.


** Must be plastered flush into plaster board sub-straight with structural support. 

** Electrical work needs to be undertaken prior to and after installation.

** Light source is accessible from wall after installation. 

** Drivers & Controllers to be housed in an accessible area very close to the product

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