REGGIANI: Roll ios
Product: Architectural
Roll ios
Roll ios

Dedicated LED


The ROLL IOS family of professional projectors, are available in 2 body sizes and supplied with adjustable black Barn Doors and a 3 circuit lighting track adapter. ROLL IOS is available with either a dedicated LED, ceramic metal halide technology, or low voltage capsule light sources. All ROLL IOS projectors utilize the Reggiani IOS Interchangeable Optic System, and can be surface mounted using a simple accessory.


:Performance projector, 3 circuit track mounted, or surface mounted with accessory, supplied with adjustable black barn doors.



Dedicated LED, 14W, 26W, or 33W:

(NN) 4000K CRI85; (WW) 3000K CRI 85; (HQ) 3000K CRI90

CDM-TC, G8.5: 20W, 35W, 50W; CDM-T, G12: 20W, 35W, 70W

QT-12, GY6.35: max 60W



LED: (Small) IOS LED LUCE; 2x6°, 2x9°, 2x12°, 2x16°, 2x27°, MIRA Wall Wash

CDM-TC: (Small) IOS Ø80mm; 2x7°, 2x17°, 2x28°, MIRA Wall Wash

QT-12: (Small) IOS Ø80mm; 2x7°, 2x17°, 2x28°

CDM-T: (Large) IOS Ø130mm; 2x7°, 2x11°, 2x14°, 2x25°, MIRA Wall Wash


:.10 White; .21 Black; .28 Metallised Grey


:Die-cast aluminium body, diffuser in polycarbonate (LED), or tempered glass (CDM). Barn Doors in black lacquered steel


:Small: Horizontal 356°, Vertical 145°; Large: Horizontal 356°, Vertical 90°


:IP40, for indoor use only
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