REGGIANI: Linea luce LED
Product: Architectural
Linea luce LED
Linea luce LED

Dedicated LED


LINEA LUCE is a dedicated LED modular pendant luminaire offering excellent glare control, combined with high efficiency performance. LINEA LUCE is available in 4 body lengths, with 8 different output options and if required, can be continuously mounted. With a CRI of over 85, a rating of IP40, and the choice of either 4000 or 3000K, LINEA LUCE is suitable for enhancing all commercial environments.


:Dedicated LED modular pendant, 4 body sizes with the option to continuously mount.



Dedicated LED, 7.5W – module length 600mm

(NN) 4000K CRI85, 546 lumens; (WW) 3000K CRI85, 525 lumens

Dedicated LED, 10W – module length 800mm

(NN) 4000K CRI85, 728 lumens; (WW) 3000K CRI85, 700 lumens

Dedicated LED, 15W – module lengths 600mm & 1200mm

(NN) 4000K CRI85, 1191 lumens; (WW) 3000K CRI85, 1056 lumens

Dedicated LED, 20W – module length 800mm

(NN) 4000K CRI85, 1588 lumens; (WW) 3000K CRI85, 1508 lumens

Dedicated LED, 30W – module lengths 1200mm & 2400mm

(NN) 4000K CRI85, 2370 lumens; (WW) 3000K CRI85, 2100 lumens

Dedicated LED, 60W – module length 2400mm

(NN) 4000K CRI85, 4740 lumens; (WW) 3000K CRI85, 4524 lumens



Opal polycarbonate IP40 optical diffuser


:.10 White; .21 Black; .28 Metallised Grey


:Extruded aluminium body and end caps, 2000mm steel support wires with friction lock device, power supply cable with hidden Ø33mm cut-out ceiling rose, opal prismatic optical diffuser, integral constant current driver.


:Fixed, friction lock wires for levelling


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