Shelley Street
Shelley Street

Macquarie Bank Head Quarters, One Shelley Street

Design Practice:  Fitzpatrick & Partners, Woods Bagot and Clive Wilkinson

Lighting Design Practice : Vision Design, WSP Lincolne Scott, NSW

Photographer: Richard Drew

Congratulations to Vision Design team (Donn Salisbury, Yeon Woo Cho and Amara Clarke) on receiving  an Award of Excellence for the IES lighting design awards for Macquarie Bank, Shelley St, Sydney.

Macquarie bank is a multi-award winning building , and the first realized accredited 6 Star Green star building in Sydney.  The base building is designed by Fitzpatrick & Partners, while the interior fit-out was a collaboration between Woods Bagot and Clive Wilkinson, and of course Vision Design for the lighting.

Vision’s lighting design aptly delivered a comprehensive and thoughtful lighting design, taking in to consideration the architectural discourse and program, and synergized natural light and artificial light ensuring minimal energy consumption is used for the lighting, guaranteeing the building secured its 6 Star Green Star Certificate. 

Located in the newly developed Kings St Warf, extending the Sydney CBD towards the water by Darling Harbour, the identifiable building spans along a city block, and is seemingly split in 2 length ways. It is  unique and daring in design on the inside as it is on the out.

Thick external structural beams crisscross  diagonally against the building’s blue glazing creating a woven basket of white. Inside houses 35,0000m2 of office space including café, common areas, and the full height atrium dividing the building in half and exposing the 11-odd floors.

 The atrium acts as the main circulation path, and is known as the “main street”. The huge chasm is home to various meeting rooms cantilevered at soaring heights, open staircases, lifts, common areas, bridges and the café are exposed and engage with the atrium at various points and levels. Its complex design is full of life and movement, colour and natural light.

 “..  the office building (is) an engaging, community inspired working environment. The lighting design then needed to follow their lead in providing a vibrant and energetic atmosphere which works with the openness of the structure and the vast influence of the external environment this provides,” comments Donn Salisbury, Associate at WSP Lincolne Scott and head of Vision Design in Sydney.

The challenge of such an open atrium was the specification and location of the luminaires to effectively illuminate the multi-story hap-hazard areas. This was achieved by using a Flos Architectural, Compass Box multiple recessed adjustable downlights using CDM-TC metal halide light sources. These were housed strategically in to the undersides of the cantilevered pods, stairs and walkways. Accessibility and maintenance were highly considered factors for choosing their location, while the use of shields and lens avoid potential glare and various reflectors enabled precise beam control.

Vision’s  lighting design explores and celebrates the complexity of the space; natural light is harnessed  during the day, while at night the design of artificial light transforms the space in to another entity. The balance of lighting is aptly executed between technical requirements and the playful nature of the architecture, artificial and natural light.

“In Australia we are blessed by such an abundance of natural light,” adds Donn, “ We are characteristically so used to bright outdoor spaces, so it’s a great inspiration for creating internal spaces which reflect this through surface luminance. It’s just such a natural thing to do.”

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